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TFW / PILU Annual Christmas Charity Ride 2014


Date: Sunday 21st December 2014 Location: The Fixed Wheel - 212 Pittwater Rd, Manly - Please assemble on the footpath and courtyard area This year lets make it huge!! After such a success last year, the Fixed Wheel Christmas Charity Toy Ride will roll again on Sunday 21st December at 6:30am from the shop.

The importance of smooth power when sprinting!

8 March 2011

The importance of smooth power when sprinting! This mornings session was a sprint session. One of the boys commented on his front wheel lifting off the ground when doing the sprints. It is not uncommon but it is important to keep the body weight balanced and the pedal stroke smoother. Try a smaller gear with higher cadence so you are not pulling as hard.

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