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A bike shop or a workshop? We know where we'd rather hang out. Come in for a coffee on us and a chat. Whether it's a true wheel, a new frame or some accessories, we have everything cyclists need

Why TFW?

As riders and racers ourselves, we weren’t satisfied with the services available to people like us. So we started The Fixed Wheel with a simple aim – to provide everything cyclists need.

The Fixed Wheel is the response to a single simple observation – that riders are getting short-changed. As more and more riders are getting into the sport, they become easy prey to over-selling, over pricing, terrible service and poor workmanship.

So as riders and racers ourselves, we wanted to build a service that starts and ends with the cyclist.

We offer a mobile service support that comes to you, a shop that serves as a service center, specialist high-end retail outlet, pre-loved high end bike exchange, nutrition, training and coaching, bunch rides, team membership and a place for riders to come and hang out.

We live by a single principle - provide everything cyclists need.


"Had my first Fixed Wheel service last week and I could not be more impressed - easy to book, quick reply from Danny re organising to pick up and drop off bike (while I was away interstate for work!), a great service, in fact the best I have ever had my bike come back from a service with the shifting of gears the smoothest and most accurate I have again ever felt on a bike - I would not hesitate in recommending the Fixed Wheel to any of my friends and I will be using Danny for all future bike servcing and issues!"
Peter Spence, 
"Just wanted to thank you for what ever you did to my 29er... it ran so well in the mud at dirtworks. Think fixing the hanger has made a massive difference. Everyone was having mechanicals but my bike was perfect."
"Before i heard about the Fixed Wheel , getting my bike serviced was always a hassle. It meant a juggle to get the bike to the bike shop and then pick it up during business hours. Then there was always a delay in getting it back !! Not any more, I spoke to the Fixed Wheel team about their services and they were happy to visit me !! It was awesome, no more inconvenience, I just booked a time on the website, and the The Fixed Wheel Van with all the gear was there to service my bike at my place! It was great service at very reasonable rates and my road bike was tuned perfectly. My bike servicing is now sorted permanently - I just call or email the Fixed Wheel and its done without a hassle. Perfect !"
Colin Carrigan, 
Cremorne Point
"Great job, picked up, and dropped off, while I was away from home, ready to go when I got back. Will recommend to anyone."
Dave Watkinson, 
"Simply awesome! The bike is pickup from my home or office and return to me in pristine condition. Could not be happier with the results."
"Pulling my bike out of semi hibernation, it needed a decent service prior to hitting the road. To make things really easy The Fixed Wheel came to me and serviced my bike on the spot. Leaving me extremely happy with the result, service level and ease of process."
Hamish McLean, 
Frenchs Forest
"The Fixed Wheel have done a great job on my bikes. From my 10 plus year old Jekyll that feels like new to my SL3 race bike that feels razor sharp again, the service has been swift, easy and it's clear that my boys have been cared for. So often bike shops do a sloppy job and you find yourself doing the work again. None of that from TFW. Thanks a ton!"
Andy Bateman, 
Cremorne Point
"I thought my bike just needed a quick tweak. But when I had it returned by The Fixed Wheel it felt good as new. Everything was thoroughly cleaned and working smoothly. Things that I didn't even realise needed work were just sorted as part of the service. It was a pleasure to get back on board".
Joshua Lockhart, 
"4 days out from the Tour De Cure, Daniel came to the rescue with a last minute call. The complete service of Fixed Wheel is fantastic from booking and to the personal service of Daniel. The bike is better the new and runs great". "Thanks heaps, I recommend Fixed Wheel to all riders".